Your Next Step

Step 2. Schedule your New Site Call

The design process starts with your New Site Call. We discuss the look and feel of your website along with any questions. It’s an important meeting and we promise to make it fun.

Things to help you prepare

During your New Site Call we will discuss things like your colors, implementing your logo, what images will you use, and what you want to say. Think of the suggestions below before you have your New Site Call to get the most out of your meeting.

Find Your Website Name

Click the the icon above to use our Domain Checker to see if your desired website name (Ex: is available. Already have a domain? No sweat! We can use it too.

Pick a Website Goal

Think about the #1 thing you want your website to accomplish. This will help you decide on its goal and set the stage for everything we do.

Pick Your Pages

Typical websites have a Home, About, Contact, and Services page. Think about the goal of your website and what pages you need to achieve your goal.

Gather Content

Logos, photos, and text are the primary pieces of content for any website. Start the search for photos and the research for information as soon as possible.

Think of What You'll Say

Jot down things you want say on each page. Even if you don't have all the words, start processing and organizing your thoughts to make your website more effective.

Pick a Point of Contact

Your Point of contact can be a person or group. They are the one Contct that all information flows through. From creation to completion and beyond, your Point of contact is critical!

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